Tuning services in the greater Portland metro area carry a flat rate of $110, plus travel *
Out-of-town tuning (Salem, the coast) is $220, though if you have arranged for me to do multiple tunings I will gladly offer a discount.  Check, Paypal, or cash.
(Note:  though it's normal for technicians to charge for "pitch raises", I rarely do since I can usually do a good tuning in the normal amount of time.)
Service call fee (for inspections, appraisals, missed appointments, non-tuneable pianos, etc.) is $80, plus travel
Other work is charged at an hourly rate: $80/hr, plus travel.
If you are unable to pay for piano work, Iíll consider barters. They can be a lot of fun - Iíve bartered for OBT tickets and Blazer tickets, original art and calligraphy, hauling, tango lessons and voice lessons, computer work, massage, cleaning, handyman work, etc.  I even bartered for some of the work on this website!  The work will still be payable when it's finished, but when the barter has been completed, will be refunded.
If you have an old player piano with the player mechanism, it's best to call a player technician.

* $110/tuning + $0.50/mile from my home in Beaverton (example 10 miles away: add $5 trip charge = $115 total)

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